Monkey Catch-Up

Oops, I didn’t mean to go quite so long without posting! There’s a lot to catch up on, starting with the backlog of monkeys to introduce….

Here’s Thelma, who likes ice cream, surfers, and music videos. She lives up in Washington with the cool band Stuporhero.


Here’s Roscoe, who likes blocks, bulldozers, and peas. He flew all by himself to Pennsylvania to live with two-year-old Evan.


Here’s Edmund, who likes olive oil, philosophy, and pom poms. He lives in New York City with Sara.


Here’s Wilfred, who likes cars, tomatoes, and flying kites. He lives not too far away with five-year-old Alex.


Here’s Bessie, who likes mah jong, cooking, and garlic. She lives with my grandma up in the Bay Area, and occasionally plays mah jong with Florence.


Here’s Wendell, who likes signs, harmonica, and asparagus. He lives in St. Louis with Mayor Bill of Shantytowne.


Here’s Polly, who likes guitars, grapes, and motorcycles. She lives in Northampton with an amazing almost three-year-old.


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Big Catch-Up

Few words, but lots of pictures!

In October, I knit my dad a pair of socks (Trekking with a simple ribbing) for his birthday:

Dad's birthday socks

In November I worked feverishly on my Sidewinder Skirt (which is almost done, just needing finishing work), and I quickly knit myself a Good Luck Cowl with a lovely skein of Koigu:

good luck cowl

I also knit my grandpa a pair of modified Peekaboo Mittens. I finished the first one in time for him to try on for size on Thanksgiving (perfect fit!), then finished the second one less than two days later. He loved them. I already posted the picture, but I can’t resist including it again.

grandpa and mittens

Over the past two months, I’ve gifted a bunch of monkeys!

Here’s Beatrice, who likes sushi, sailing, and lip gloss. She currently lives in Camarillo with Kate.


Here’s Roberta, who likes tacos, pop-up books, and blowing bubbles. She flew to Portland all by herself to live with Gina.


Here’s Orville, who likes chocolate, paintings, and playing tennis. He lives here in Los Angeles with Jerry, but has been doing quite a bit of traveling the past two weeks.


Here’s Constance, who likes swimming, snickerdoodles, and pastels. She’s also been traveling a lot this holiday season, but will soon be settled back in Santa Monica with Vanessa.


Here’s Floyd, who likes sandwiches, word games, and bicycles. He will be living in Mountain View with David and Maria, where I’m sure he’ll be relieved that it isn’t as cold as the places he’s been visiting.


Here’s Florence, who likes Hello Kitty, Tabasco sauce, and mah jong. She now lives with my mom, who proudly carries her around in her purse.


Here’s Rupert, who likes circuit boards, peanuts, and ping pong. He lives with my dad, and is currently riding around in style inside a car cup holder.


Here’s Willard, who likes hockey, lobster, and blackjack. He lives with my brother, where I’m sure he’s watching a lot of hockey games on TV.


Aside from the five monkeys I can’t yet reveal, that should cover all the FOs in my backlog! Whew!

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Just a Little New Year Post

2008 was a very hard year for reasons I blogged about here, and also for reasons I did not. I was definitely not sad to see it end.

2009 holds a lot of hope and promise, and it’s already gotten off to a good start. I still have 3 full days before I go back to work, so I’m planning to catch up here and then forge ahead with new projects and plans.

Happy New Year!

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I’ve been busy…

I’m terribly behind on photo taking and increasingly lazy about photo uploading, but I hope to have a big catch-up post before Thanksgiving before I get too far behind!

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Happy Halloween!

seymour and jack-o-lanterns

Seymour was amazed by all the jack-o-lanterns we saw in Boston earlier this month. The wall was only the beginning — there were many more groups all around the plaza.

I have a slight blog backlog of stash and WIPs and FOs, but for now I’ll leave you with a link to the Stuporhero Halloween Special. It’s creative and funny, and it features some great songs. Happy Halloween!

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Rhinebeck Recap

Seymour Rhinebeck map

After reading so many of these over the years, I can’t believe I’m writing one! After an exhausting Saturday in Boston, my friend Brie and I hopped into my red rental Ford Focus early Sunday morning and headed to Rhinebeck, NY. Despite our late start, we arrived only half an hour after our target arrival time of 10 am (when the festival opened).

My top priority was The Fold to check out their Socks that Rock. Seymour and I were both pleasantly surprised to find sock monkey kits, along with a couple sample monkeys:

Seymour monkeys

Despite the order I had just placed with Blue Moon the week before, I picked up two kits of the original batch of colorways (which are no longer available), along with two rare gem skeins.

Just a few booths away was the only other booth on my must visit list, Brooks Farm Yarns. I fell in love with a few colorways of their Solo Silk, but decided to think about it before making a purchase. We enjoyed the fall colors:


We visited some animals:

Seymour sheep

Seymour alpaca

We watched the fleeting beauty of the pumpkin catapulting contest:

Seymour Petunia catapult

And Seymour found another monkey:

Seymour trapeze monkey

We spent more time than expected watching the fiddle contest, and after a quick stop back to Brooks Farm for three skeins of Solo Silk (for scarves for my grandpa, my mom, and me) we had to rush back to Northampton for a concert.

I was only able to see a small fraction of what Rhinebeck had to offer, but that’s ok. I had a fabulous time, I bought some lovely new yarn, and there’s always next year.

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Guess Where We’re Going?

rhinebeck or bust

Yep, Seymour and I are headed to Rhinebeck! I’ve had a fall New England trip in mind since my last trip out there in July, and when a SAMFund benefit concert was announced for October 18, I knew it was the perfect time — good music and great friends, all while supporting a wonderful cause. When I realized a couple weeks ago it was the same weekend as Rhinebeck, that was icing on an already sweet cake. I will be there only one day (Sunday) and will need to practice much financial restraint, but I know it’ll be a blast.

And to leave you with a little more Seymour, here are a few shots from a good-bye card we made for my friend Rob and his monkey Vernon:

tie 1

tie 2

tie 3

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Seymour Blogs: Surfers and Bluegrass

Hi everyone! I’m Seymour. Since I travel with Teresa to most of the places she goes, she asked me to be a regular guest blogger here to share my adventures and haikus with all of you. I’m so excited!

Two weekends ago, Teresa and I went down to Carlsbad for a Partch concert. Before the show, we had a fabulous breakfast at Honey’s in Encinitas, avoided going into the two nearby yarn stores, and went to the beach to kill some extra time. I would like to try surfing someday, but for now I’m content to watch and write haikus.

seymour and surfers
surfers wait in grey
scuba divers hunt lobsters
I’m full of pancakes

This past weekend, we flew up to San Francisco to attend the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. I got to see and/or hear Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Hot Rize, Odetta, Zakir Hussain, Ben Kweller, Elvis Costello, Gogol Bordello, Loudon Wainwright III, and Iris Dement! Here I am during Ben Kweller’s set at the Star Stage:

seymour and ben kweller

At the festival, Teresa worked on knitting a sock that is far too big for me. When I wasn’t listening to the music, I napped a little and got to know a couple of her friends who recently moved away from Los Angeles. I also struck some poses… with three humans and one small monkey finishing two bottles of wine, many silly pictures were taken. Does anyone know any wine companies who need a monkey model?

seymour and wine

I wrote a haiku to commemorate the occasion. It was inspired by Odetta, who sang about her little heart. Unfortunately, I wasn’t close enough to see if hers is orange and plastic too.

this lil heart of mine
shining at the bluegrass fest
please don’t step on me!

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Quick September

What happened to September?? Since my last post in late August, I got through performance review writing, bought the remaining 70% of my violin, signed up for $420 worth of yarn (two Sundara collections!), missed Mooncake Day, spent a weekend in Reno with my grandparents, did some indoor rock climbing with some co-workers, got two fillings replaced, had a weekend culinary tour of Southern California with out-of-town visitors, and got through some work crises and some non-work stress as well. I’ve been a little busy.

In knitting news, holiday gift knitting is in full swing! I finished a pair of handwarmers (modified Natalyas using Rowan Scottish Tweed DK):

earthy green handwarmers

and an adorable baby sweater (Helena using Artyarns Supermerino):

helena baby sweater

I’m half done with a gift Clapotis, and also in the gift queue are two pairs of socks, two hats, a baby vest, possibly an adult vest, and several monkeys. it’s a good thing I have two gifts down and over two months left!

Tomorrow I’ll be casting on for one of those socks, which I expect to work on throughout the weekend at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco. Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Odetta, Zakir Hussain, Hazel Dickens, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Elvis Costello, Gogol Bordello, Iris Dement, and many more! Plus time with my family and a few Bay Area friends… it’ll be a fabulous time and a nice break.

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Two Finishes, Two Starts

While watching college football this afternoon/evening (half of Michigan vs. Utah, all of Cal vs. Michigan State — Go Bears!), I finished two projects and started two projects… and none of them monkeys! (Don’t worry, I’m still knitting monkeys. I just may not be posting any of the current batch until I have a bag full of them to show.)

First I finished up the last couple inches of my Lace Ribbon Scarf, using Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock Yarn that I bought at WEBS in April. Then I finished up the last inch of my most recent pair of socks, plain stockinette using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Bittersweet. Both projects are bittersweet, especially the socks which were started just before the writing retreat, worked on throughout that wonderful weekend, and then continued at the hospitals before coming home and finishing them very slowly.

bittersweet socks and lace ribbon scarf

Today I took advantage of A Mano’s secret Ravelry sale and got 25% off my single-ball purchase of Rowan Scottish Tweed DK. It’s now on its way to becoming a pair of handwarmers for a friend who didn’t have to request them (but I’m glad she did so I know what color to choose). And after trying on my newly completed socks, I remembered how wonderful handknit socks are (it’s been months since I’ve experienced weather appropriate for wool socks) so I had to start another pair. I’m going to finally try the ShibuiKnits yarn that’s been in my stash for a while.

Oh, and a little over a week ago I finished my Ravelympics Shetland Triangle Shawl!

ravelympics shawl top

ravelympics shawl side

I love it! I used bigger needles than for my first Shetland Triangle (also with Smooshy), so it’s slightly (perfectly) bigger and the drape is lovely.

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